Short and Sweet

The House always wins. The number of times this phrase has been heard in popular culture – TV, movies, books, plays – is staggering. It informs a deeply held belief in our own culture that there is always someone behind the scenes manipulating events. It is an extension of Murphy’s Law; everything will go wrong, but only because someone is plotting against you.
You would have to be fairly pessimistic to think this about every aspect of your life, but you would also have to be a complete idiot not to believe it when it is used in its original context: casinos. Even online casino games like the new 32Red sites are exactly the same; all players know that the odds at online casinos ensure that the online casino will win, rather than lose.
However, this doesn’t mean you can’t win. But you do have to be lucky. And smart.
Those who manage to always come out on top when playing online casino games may indeed be very lucky, but the chances are that they are most likely playing games with perfect strategy. While many players attempt to use the hit and run method at online casinos, there are those that simply continue to gamble after they have won back their money, and they inevitably lose it again.
The trick to holding onto winnings seems to be that not only should players hope to make a certain amount of money, but their actual gaming session should be kept fairly short. The reason for this short session is that the house edge has been worked out over the long term, and over the long term, players will end up losing, unless of course, they are on a very lucky streak.
The longer a player exposes their money for in an online casino game, the more chance there is that the online casino will win back the player’s funds. It is, therefore, best to play for short time periods, and have more online gaming sessions, rather than one long online gaming session, in which it is likely that the player will lose money rather than win it.
Of course for those of you with bottomless pockets go right ahead, gamble for as long as you like it, but the best advice for every body else would be to keep it short.