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One of the major concerns about gambling online that has been expressed by anti-gamblers is that it was just paving the way for gambling addiction. What many fail to realize however, is if a person has become addicted to gambling they will go to wherever the opportunity to gamble is available whether on or off line.

Responsible online gaming

The whole issue is to approach gambling in a responsible and mature manner recognizing it as an entertainment venue. If one wants to become technical, any individual can become addicted to any of the other venues that are offered online. For example one could become excessive about shopping online, and become compulsive shoppers. Online gaming therefore is no different than any other online venue, and it simply comes down to do everything in moderation.

Taking Responsibility

The responsibility for proper gambling activities lies within the individual themselves. A person that enjoys this type of activity must set their own personal restrictions and rules and also be able to recognize if a problem is surfacing.

Danger Signals of gambling problems:

  • Gambling becomes your main train of thought
  • You spend beyond your gambling budget
  • You plan a gambling budget beyond what you can afford
  • You aren’t able to stick to a responsible gambling plan
  • Once you start to gamble you can’t quit
  • You become agitated when you lose
  • You always have the attitude of just one more game and I may hit the bit one
  • You thoughts are that if you go back to the casino you may win back what you lost
  • You increase your gambling activity to increase the pleasure
  • You blame yourself when you don’t win
  • You don’t tell your family and friends when you are going to gamble
  • Gambling becomes a priority over any other activity in your life

How to get a gambling addiction under control?

As much as you will hate to admit it, you will know within you that you have run into a gambling problem. This is not the issue, but the issue is accepting that you have a problem and wanting to do something about it. Once you get to this stage you have made the first step.

The next step is to get professional help. It is important that you don’t look at a gambling addiction as being something insignificant or that you can just simply stop. There are actually many underlying reasons why individuals fall prey to a gambling addiction and contrary to the belief of some it is not just because online gambling is convenient.

Some individuals become addicted to gambling because it helps to distract them from personal problems. Others that are in financial difficulty see it as maybe a chance to win big, and then they can handle all their financial problems. Others have the problem because they are just simply lonely and have no one in their life or any type of social life. In fact there are some gambling addictions that have been brought on as a result of a chemical imbalance caused by medication.

So as you can see it is important to get professional help to identify what causes the problem and from there one will be able to find many gambling addiction centers and organizations that can help.

Here are a few links to get you started in the right direction to get your gambling problems under control.

· National Council on Problem Gambling
· Gamblers Anonymous
· Responsible Gambling Council

The best solution however is to realize that yes gambling can get out of hand, but if you set a gaming entertainment guideline for yourself you can prevent it from getting this far.

Here are a few suggestions to help you enjoy your online gambling experiences with staying focused on responsible gaming:

  • Set a monthly entertainment budget that is comfortable and affordable
  • Determine how much of your budget you want to allot to gambling
  • Plan to spread the amount you have allotted for gaming entertainment equally out over the month…on a weekly basis.
  • Set a specific amount of time aside each week dedicated to your gaming activity. Plan it for a time that is going to be the best for you.
  • Find some alternative ways to enjoy free online games. This way if you have spent you weekly budget you can still enjoy the entertainment of the games without betting.
  • Determine what you are going to do with your winnings. Do not get into the habit of playing it all back in at one time. For example let’s says you win $100. So perhaps take $25. Of that at the time of your win and play a little longer. Then take the balance of the win and spread over the rest of the month. Unless of course it is a substantial win then you may want to withdraw it and use if for something else.

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