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Free Online Slot Machines

Understanding Slot Machines – Introduction

Slot machines is a casino game that has been around for many years and it never ceases to gain in its popularity. In fact both on land and online casinos indicate that over 60% percent of their profits comes through the slot machine gaming entertainment. They have come a long way from the standard three real spin basic icon games to multi-line video slots which often carry many side games or bonuses with them.

Object of the Game

Depending on which form of slot machine you’re playing determines the object of the game. But the basic machine which is your single line three icon slot machine usually determines that you are need to line up three icons that are the same to get the maximum winnings on the maximum bet. However, with many of the new multi-lines and video slot machine games available now there are many different forms and ways to be able to win or even get free extra spins for example.

The basics of the slot machines

With the old standard type slot machines there really wasn’t a great deal to learn about how to play. It was a matter of what was the maximum and minimum bets that could be made, and what was going to give the highest payout. This was easily seen by going into the payout section of the slot machine which gives all the indicators of what combinations of icons pay what amount.

Now with the technology that is applied to the free online slot machines today, they are somewhat a little bit more complex to figure out on what is the winning combinations and what are the advantages of playing a particular machine. The one thing that must be remembered is that slot machines vary in their denominations from anywhere to one cent up to twenty-five dollars in some cases. With online casinos they vary as well but they stick more to the standards of the one cent to five cent and maybe up to the ten range for the multi line video slots, although some do go further than this. Most online casinos offers the standard 25 cent to 75 cent bet options for the standard one line three reel slots.

The one thing that you always want to remember when you are playing the slot machines is that if you want to win the maximum jackpot that that particular slot machine offers then you must be making the maximum bet.

One of the things that you must learn to understand when it comes to the slot machines is the various buttons. When playing online these are self-explanatory and are not too difficult to determine. If you are playing a multi-line slot which can vary from as we said, the standard one line up to twenty or more lines, you have to indicate how many lines you want to bet on.

Once you do this you then have to determine how many coins per line you want to bet. Most individuals when first starting out in playing the slots will play the maximum amount of lines with the minimum number of coins. So if the lowest bet that can be made is five cents per line and there are twenty lines then it would mean that one was spending a dollar every time they took a spin of the machine.

You can also go in to the payout screen which will show you all the different combinations that will afford some winnings if you achieve the combinations shown. With more complex games the payout section also gives you what the bonuses are all about as well.

Different Types of Online Slot ,achines

Standard slots

As mentioned there are many different types of online slots now. There is the basic original one line slot with three reels. Then the next standard one from there would be the five line perhaps which would be three horizontal lines plus corner to corner.

From there it gets to be much more complex by the amount of lines that are being provided.

Non Progressive

Slots that are non-progressive means that they have a standard jackpot that is being paid this jackpot always remains the same and is never reduced or increased. The slots are somewhat easier to win on compared to some of the others, but then because of the lucrative jackpots on the other types of slots these are losing their popularity.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots is the one that many people are taking advantage of now because of the growing jackpot. What happens here is that every time the slot machine is played and the jackpot is not won then the jackpot grows. Over a period of time these jackpots can become gigantic. Often the same progressive slot machine is available at several different online casinos, and this accounts for the mass growth.

Video Slots

These are most often your multi line slots and many people thoroughly enjoy these because of the extra changes to glean some winnings from. There are often bonus games that can be played and if won give extra opportunities to win some extra money. Or perhaps they will award a series of free spins which allows for extra winnings.

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Slot Strategies

With many of the table games, individuals that play these games and build their expertise in them have certain strategies that they follow. With slot machines it is not quite as easy to do this however some people do feel that they have developed their own strategy for playing slots.

How you build your strategy for slots all depends on your pocketbook. If you are a high roller then you will probably want to play on the higher paying out slots such as the progressives and make the maximum bets. However, if you are a little bit more reserved you may want to play the smaller slots with the smaller payouts, which means your bets are less. However a word of caution about penny slots. Although they sound inexpensive to play, they can certainly mount up because of the number of lines that are bet.

Probably the most beneficial strategy you could utilized is that if you take a few spins on a machine and it just is not paying out even small amounts of then you might want to walk away and try another machine. Often individuals other one at a jackpot or a small substantial amount of money on a slot machine believe that once it has paid this out that the machine goes cold and doesn’t pay again. This is not necessarily the case as it is often seen that many of the slot machines have paid out jackpots in a very consecutive short period of time.

Another strategy when playing online is that if you are not having a good day and holding your own with the slots then I’ll walk away from her for a few hours or come back the next day. This is one of the many great advantages of playing on line casino slots is that they are available 24 seven and you don’t have to enjoy all of the entertainment at one time.

Misconceptions about slots

.Some individuals firmly believe that that there are certain aspects of slot machines that take place, for example they believe that they can be programmed to win at a certain time period. It should be remembered that slots are run by random number generators and this is exactly what it means, is that they work at random.

Then of course there is all of the superstitions that go with slots as well, like about never changing seats, or never taking over a machine that was just won on. Then there are some that believe that the weather or the magnetic fields also have a impact on the machines. These are more superstitions applicable for your on land casinos as opposed to the online slot machines, however they all come down to be purely myth and superstition.

Getting the most from the slots

It must be remembered that slots are for entertainment purposes and to also offer the opportunity to win some lucrative money for some lucky winners. Ultimately what must be remembered though is that this is a entertainment venue and that one should not allow it to overpower their lives. Responsible playing is critically important and you will find that most online casinos promote responsible playing and fair gaming.

Also what you might want to do is when funds are getting tight is take advantage of many of the free slot rooms that many of the online casinos offer so that you can get to learn about the different type of slots games, and choose the ones that you enjoy the most.


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