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Free Online Craps

Craps Rules

An Overview of the Game

Available at many, if not all, land based and online casinos, the game of Craps is very popular with gamblers all over the world. Normally at a land based casino you will find as many as four people working the table and up to twenty players, all trying to win. Most online craps games don’t have a live dealer but many still give you the opportunity to play with other people.

How the Game Works

The game of craps is played with two dice, and the goal is to roll a specific numbered combination. The person who rolls the dice is called the shooter, and the first roll they make is called the come out roll. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, 7, 11, or a 12, then this round is over. If the shooter rolls any other number then this becomes the “point” and they have to continue rolling until they again match this number, or hit a 7.

The Most Common Bet Types

As with all gambling how much you win depends on how much and the type of bet you choose to make, as there are different odds depending on how you place your wager.
The two main types of bets are Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line wagers. With a Pass Line wager you can win in 2 ways. If the shooter’s come out roll is a 7 or 11 you will automatically win. If the shooter rolls a point on the come out roll and hits that same number before he rolls a 7 then again you win, but if they roll a seven before hitting the point number you lose your bet. If you are making this kind of bet and the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or a 12, then you also automatically lose.
Now, with the Don’t Pass Line bet it is really just the opposite with the exception that a 12 is normally a tie. Depending on what casino you play at you may even find that a 2 is tie, but it varies from place to place and doesn’t change the odds at all. So it comes down to the shooter rolling a 2 or 3 for a win and 7 or 11 is a loss. Also if the shooter rolls a point, he must roll a 7 before hitting that point number again in order to make it a win.

Other Kinds of Bets

There are also other kinds of bets that can be made in craps including a Come Bet and a Don’t Come Bet, which are the same as the first two bets mentioned, except the wager can be made anytime after the come out roll.
A Place Bet is where you basically pick your own point number, no matter what happens with the come out roll. With this kind of bet you have the option of removing your wager at any time (unlike with the Pass Line bet, and Don’t Pass Line bet).
Another kind of wager is the Field Bet, which is a single roll wager where if the come out roll is a 2-4 or 9-12 you win, and if it is a 5-8 you lose.
There is also a bet called the Big Six or Big Eight, but this is normally not a very popular bet as it is very similar to a Place Bet but doesn’t pay as well.
A Hardway Bet is where you want to see a number rolled as a double rather than in a different combination. For example is you placed a Hardway Bet on a 8, you must get a 4-4 rolled before a 8 comes up a different way like a 6-2 or 5-3. These kind off bets stay on the table until the number is rolled, even if a new come out roll transpires.
The kind of bets you make have different names and odds and here is a basic breakdown of them:

  1. Craps-2, 3, or 12 pays 8:1
  2. Any Seven-pays 5:1
  3. Eleven-pays 16:1
  4. Ace Deuce-pays 16:1
  5. Aces-pays 30:1
  6. Boxcars-pays 30:1
  7. Horn, 2, 3, 11, or 12-Varies by what number is rolled

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Strategy for Craps

Very much like other kinds of casino games, Craps is a game of luck, and it is truly not possible to predict the games outcome. With this being said, there are a few tips and strategies to help increase the odds of winning online Craps, but always keep in mind it is a game of luck.
Always remember to keep your discipline when playing Craps and observe how other players bet, as many times they will all play in the same type of fashion. Start out by setting two limits for yourself, how much you are looking to win, and how much you can afford to lose. Most seasoned Craps players set themselves a 20% betting margin, meaning if you start out with a $1000 and increase that to $1200, it is time to stop. Likewise if when they are playing they lose $200 dropping their balance to $800, it is also time to call it a day. It’s really up to you how much you can afford to play with, but never, ever gamble with credit.
Once you have set these two limits always remember to stick to them (even when winning) and even though it will take discipline, you will be assured you never end up losing to much of your hard earned money.
When starting off your playing, the safest way is to only place single bets of not more than 1/20th of your bankroll, and if you want to play it even safer (and longer) place bets that are 1/50th of how much cash you have. Look for a table that has $5 bets, and if you have a bankroll of around $200, you have enough time to make some money even if you seem to start out poorly. This also cuts down the risk of you losing your money too quickly!
Once you have learned to play the game you will have to place your bets wisely and figure out what are best wagers to place. There are not many bets where the odds favor the house edge but there are a few that are better than others. Each casino will have a list of the odds on each bet, but it is normally advisable to stick with Pass Line and Come bets, as they are backed by free odds, and then Place bets on eight and six.
When you are making more complicated wagers, you may want to hedge your bets. By doing this you create a win-lose situation, because although hedging your bets will allow you to control the game somewhat better, you reduce the chances of winning really big.
Always remember to stay calm when playing Craps, as well as any other casino games, especially when playing for real money. If you are playing while under pressure you may up making bad decisions which could lead you to losing money big time. When first learning the game, take advantage of the free play that many casinos offer their members, as it is imperative that you fully understand all the rules and how to bet wisely before you get into a game where you are using your hard earned cash.
As stated Craps is a game of luck, percentages and odds and here are 10 examples of some bets being made and what kind of payout you would receive. Though it may seem a little complex, over time, with patience and practice, you will better understand the examples given.
A type of bet that very few players know about, but it a great way of getting an edge, is by taking over/or buying players Don’t bets. Many times a wrong better puts their wager on Don’t Pass/Don’t Come and end up getting a 6 or 8.The most dangerous part of the game for Don’t bettors now is trying to avoid 7 or 11, but when you are up on the number a Don’t bet has a much better chance because he now wants the 7 and there are 36 possible ways to get this combination with 2 six sided dice. Because the 6 and 8 can be made in five ways, if you find you are up on the Don’t 6, you have a better chance as there are 6 ways to win (by getting a 7) and only 5 ways to lose. For example if the bet was $10 the win would be $60, the loss $50 giving you a $10 profit after the average 11 decisions. So really it comes down to that when someone is about to remove their bet you can offer to buy it off them, generally for the same price of the bet itself.
Now you own this bet and have a great six to five edge. Even if the player has bet $15 or more on their Don’t bet you can offer them a chance to sell their bet for $16 guaranteeing them they have made a profit, as you should soon as well (in the long run). The breakdown works out to that on 11 consecutive decisions with a bet of $15 you should win $90, lose $75 and after the money for the bet which $16 you should still come out ahead of the game by $4. Normally no matter what the size of the bet is, a player who is ready to pull it out will sell it for a $1 so they have made something. Remember an edge is an edge in any game, and with Craps even a 6-5 odd is in your favor.
Another interesting wager is the Oddsman’s bet. A lot of players who place a Pass Line bet don’t want to spend the extra money on playing any odds or full odds on the bet once they have an established number but if they give you permission you can do this on their bet. Always make sure the player knows you are doing this though so they don’t end up taking your winnings.
With Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets you can play the odds, but always put the least amount on the main bet, and the most on the odds, as the house has 1.403 % edge on the main bet, but no edge on the odds bet.
It’s the same with a Pass or Come bets, you are better playing with more money on the odds bet as the house advantage is 1.414 % on the main bet, but again they have no edge in the odds.
You can Place the 8 or 6 to win in multiples of $6 as it is the best place-to-win bet where the house has only a 1.52 % edge and you will make $7 for your $6 bet when your number hits.
You can Place the six or eight to lose by placing $5 on the table and saying “Six (or eight) to lose.” Here if the seven shows, you will win $4 and the house edge is 1.82 %.
You can lay four or ten by placing $41 on the table and saying: “Lay against the four (or 10).” If you win with this bet, you get $20 and the house edge is 2.44 %.
These are just a few examples of betting at craps, in time you will find you own strategies to play with.


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