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No download casinos

Between the 2 main casino types. the no download casinos are those where individuals can start to play immediately without having to download any type of software concerning the casino itself. What is needed though is a computer that is going to be able to support the browsers that allow this to be done such as the macro media’s flash, shockwave or java for example. Those that are going to use the download or no download casinos must have a computer that is going to have enough memory to be able to accept all of the graphics and sounds, and the plug ins that are going to be required. However this really isn’t much of a problem nowadays as most computers are readily able to accept this type of platform.

For the most part the graphics and all that is required to play at these no download casinos are no different when it comes to quality then the download based ones. However there are some smaller inferior type casinos that still use a html coding, and individuals will find a big difference in the quality if they are playing on these types of casinos. Not only that, with these types of casinos it takes much longer to get the games to load and they will often freeze up or literally disconnect. This is why you will find that most of the top notch casinos prefer to use the download type software which really is not that hard to do, and is worth the few minutes extra weight as the downloading is taking place.

for example- flash casino:

for RTG software: Manhattan Slots , Coolcat Casino , RushMore Casino
for Rival software: This is Vegas


Download casinos

These are the casino type that are most common and when casinos first became more notable online they were almost all download based, and then many of them started to come out with the no download or the flash casinos. With the download based casinos it means that the player must download the software first and have it installed on their computer before they can take advantage of the games, and all of the other perks that are offered by that particular casino. Many times individuals wonder what the real difference is and the most predominate one here is speed. It is important that the speed be up to its caliber when playing many of the games. For example, on the slots you want the reels to be able to spin without freezing up or dragging. If you have downloaded a casino, it means that all of the software is being operated from your computer instead of the internet and this is why your speed is up to caliber.

Some individuals are really reluctant about downloading casinos because they are afraid of the viruses or malware that may be attached to them, but you will find that the majority of the casino sites have taken every precaution to prevent this. By having a good anti virus software of your own on your computer this will eliminate this problem for the most part. The other area that sometimes people become concerned about is the amount of memory that the download will take up, and most computers will have no difficulty excepting it. As mentioned earlier there is a flashed based software that many casinos are offering now which also has its advantages and disadvantages but ultimately for the best casino online experience for playing the download versions are the most popular and the best to choose.
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