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Used when placing a required bet at the start of a hand in card games.

This is in reference to crap experts that have developed a skill for throwing the dice in such a fashion that it could affect the odds of the game.

Basic blackjack Strategy:
A determination of the best blackjack plays as outlined by the stimuli of a computer although there is variations evident according to specific rules and deck quantity. Prior to card counting it requires the plays to be memorized.

This is the French term used for the individual who deals or runs the game of baccarat

Even Money:
A type of even wager. For example placing a bet of a $1. to win a $1. so the risk of a loss or win are one and the same.

If a poker games consists of a five card deal then the three cards that are dealt first must be face up during the one play and this is called the flop.

Common name for a casino and the types of games it relates to.

Sometimes referred to as one armed bandits as they are slot machines that offer a variety of games by spinning reels to attempt to line up specified icons in order to win some type of prize.

A dealer shows an up card in the game of blackjack which allows a bet to placed and if the bet wins then the dealer has hit blackjack.

Either you bet a 100 to win or you get a 100 if you win. There is no involvement of a point spread.

Random Number Generator is the formal name for a device that puts out random numbers with no pattern

One dollar

Means a blackjack player can give up one half of the bet he placed but means he must fold his cards and that particular hand is concluded.

Table Games:
A common term for on land casino games that are played at a table setting, such as poker, craps, blackjack or roulette.

This is the dealer’s card that is facing up in the game of blackjack prior to the players hands being played out.

Video Slots:
An electronic version of a slot machine that is operated by computer software.

Web Wallet:
This is a secure format operated by software to allow a gambler to make financial transactions online.

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