Casino Bonus Types

Free play bonuses


  • One kind of sign up casino online bonus is a cashable bonus  , where once you have met the time requirements of the individual casino site, you can withdraw any or all of the money in your account, whether it is your deposit amount, winnings or the bonus itself.
  • Another type of bonus is non-cashable, and although it allows you to use it to try and increase your winnings while playing, it cannot be taken out if you have decided to make a withdrawal.

for example:
Prestige Casino   Nobel Casino   Magic Box Casino

Money match bonuses

As stated most online casinos have a variety of different bonuses available, and even after you may have received your start-up or sign-up bonuses, many sites offer another kind of bonus called a match bonus that matches or exceeds their deposit amount, even after the first time.
How this casino bonus works is quite simple and is usually explained on the casino online bonus page of the casino you are visiting. In order to entice people to play at they site on a regular basis they offer this bonus regularly, and sometimes even increase the percentage of what they will award a player. For example say the casino is offering a 100% match bonus, this means if you made a deposit of $100 you would actually receive $200 in your account to play with.
With this being said during certain promotions, you may even find that your deposit will earn a percentage higher than a match, meaning you could make 200% – 500% on your deposit depending on the site and the promotion at the time.
What you want to do is take a look at the various casino sites online, and find the best match bonus that suits your needs. Many online casinos offer reasonable time requirements for withdrawals, but its important to check this out before you make your deposit.
for example:
Party Casino   Cirrus Casino   Palace of Chance   Aladdins Gold Casino

What’s better? Cashable bonuses or non-cashable bonuses

As briefly explained there is a difference between a cashable casino bonus and a non-cashable casino bonus, and it’s important to understand the difference to see what would be better for you.
Both types of casino bonuses will help to increase the money you are gambling with, allowing you to play longer and hopefully make a big win, and although a cashable casino online bonus generally requires you to play for a period of time on the site or meet the deposit requirements before you can withdraw them, they still can be converted into real money that can be taken out of your account at your discretion.
Although a cashable casino bonus is actually worth more than a non-cashable, they still have benefits to them as well. For example, even though you are not able to withdraw these types of casino bonuses, they also allow a member to play longer on the site and increase the chance of winning some money. The money you have won with these types of bonuses most times are not restricted to a time requirement, as long as you have met the conditions. So you can use these types of bonuses to increase the amount of bets you are making, or use them to play longer. Either way both of these types of casino bonuses will add to your playing excitement.

Nowadays many online casinos offer new clients to their site a chance to try out many of the games for free through a free casino bonus. A casino bonus type such as this is absolutely free, and although you cannot use them to play for real money, they give a potential customer an opportunity to check out the graphics and layout of the particular games they are interested in, before actually making their first deposit.
Generally what is required for a person to take advantage of an online casino bonus is first they have to set up an account with the casino they are interested in and become a member. Once this is done, most times the free casino bonus money is converted into credits and deposited into their members account. This is especially helpful for new players, as it gives them a chance to better their skills at their favorite games, and learn the rules and strategies of new games. Although most of the time these bonuses, as well as any monies that have been won during play cannot be used as real money, there are actually a few online casinos out there that will let you apply this money to your account once you have made a real cash deposit.
for example:
Grand Mondial Casino

No deposit bonuses

This is a casino bonus type very similar to the free bonuses that are offered to potential customers, a no deposit bonus can be awarded to people to allow them to play on a online casino without having to make a cash deposit first. It is a fantastic feature, and many of these online casinos offer this no deposit casino bonus as a way to introduce their site.
In order to take advantage of this no deposit bonus, most times all you have to do is register with the online casino of your choice, open an account and become a member. The no deposit bonus will then be credited to your account and you are ready to play.
Many times people are hesitant to make a cash deposit into a casino they have never played on, so the casinos offer a casino bonus in order to allow people to get a taste of what is available. It’s an excellent opportunity for a person new to the site to try out the various games available, see the type of graphics, and even get some practice before they decide to play with real money.
A online casino bonus is a great way to build your playing confidence in many of the casino style games, especially if you haven’t played them often, and want to gain some experience before you play with your hard earned money.
for example:
21Grand Casino_10free_roulette ; Supreme Play_free_roulette   Black Diamond Casino   Box24 Casino   Superior Casino   Cool Cat Casino

Sign-up bonuses

After you have tested the waters in a particular casino by choosing a casino bonus type for free, have built up your skills in the games you want to play, and figure you are experienced enough now to play for real money and want to make a deposit, many casinos will offer you a sign-up or welcome bonus. This type of casino bonus is applicable once you have made you first deposit, and most often they are very high in order to give players more money to play with.
This type of online casino bonus is usually way above average, so you really have a good opportunity to try out the various games with real money and increase your chances of playing at the online casino for a longer period of time, giving you a better chance to pull off a big win.
Although there are many variations of a casino bonus depending on what online casino you visit, the best sign-up bonuses make it easier for a person to actually withdraw their winnings within a realistic time period.
Depending on the casino bonus type you pick, you will find welcome bonuses, or sign up bonuses, are easy to understand and most casinos make it easy for people to take advantage of these. You normally can find all the information, terms and conditions within the promotion or casino bonus section of the casino before you make a deposit, so you will know exactly how much you will have to play with before you invest your money.

There are different styles of sign-up bonuses and it is very important to determine what casino bonus type the casino site is offering before you make your first deposit, in order to avoid any frustration and disappointment.