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Baccarat Rules

Free Online Baccarat Rules & strategy

The Goal of Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game where what you want to do is get a hand where the value of your cards total as close to nine as possible. A natural hand is where the first two cards dealt have a value of eight or nine, and when this happens no more cards are dealt. Different than other types of casino games, in Baccarat a player can decide whether they chose to wager on the “player” hand or bet on the “bank” (or dealer) hand. Baccarat also has a tie hand that pays better than the other two kinds of bets, and depending on the casino you are playing at, it pays 8:1 or 9:1 odds on your wager.

Online Baccarat Rules

Even though the rules for hitting and dealing can be a little hard to learn, because they are done automatically, it is made easy for players, as all they have to concentrate on is their betting with any other decisions being determined by the game rules.

Baccarat Card Values

All of the numbered cards have their individual values, for example a 2 has a value of 2, 3 of 3, 4 of 4, and so on. Face cards count as zero and an ace equals a one.

How to Score a hand

What you do to score a hand Baccarat is add the values of the cards, but if the value exceeds a 9, you drop the first number. For example, if you were dealt an 8 and a 3, the value of your hand would be a 1 and not an 11, because you have dropped the first number for going over 9.

How to Play Baccarat

To start the game, everybody places their bets. Then the “dealer” hand and the “player” hand are dealt two cards each. Occasionally in a land based casino, depending on how many people are at the table, there can be as many as three “player” hands, but when playing online Baccarat normally there is only one “player” hand to wager on.

Next 2 cards are dealt face up to both the “player” hand and the “dealer” hand, and if either hand is a natural (eight or nine) play stops and the hand is immediately judged. Obviously getting a 9 is better than getting an 8, but if you happen to tie one another, anyone who has bet on the “player” or the “dealer” hand loses their bet. Only the players that placed their wager on the tie option win that particular hand.

What is Hitting and Standing

After the first two cards are dealt if there is no natural then there are certain rules that dictate whether a third card is dealt to either hand. Keep in mind, although these rules seem quite complex, there is no need for you to memorize all of these combinations, as they are automatically done for you when playing online.

  • Should the “player” hand have a total value of 5 or less they will receive a third card (called hitting).
  • When the “player” hand doesn’t take another card, the “dealer” hand will also draw a third card if their value is 5 or under, but must stand (stop) if he has gets 6 or higher. Now, if the “player” hand does take a third card, the “dealer” hand has to stand on 7 or more, but has to take a third card if they score a 2 or less.
  • If the “dealer” has two cards that total 3, they will get a card, but not if the “player’s” third card happens to be an 8.
  • If the “dealers” hand totals 4, then they will receive a card, if the “players” third card was 2-7, inclusive.
  • If the “players” third card is 4-7 inclusive, and the “dealer” has a total of 5 then the “dealer” will get a third card.
  • If the “players” third card is a 6 or 7, and the “dealers” hand totals 6 then the “dealer” will get another card.
  • After both the “player” and “dealer” have gotten their cards whoever is closer to 9 wins the hand. In the event of a tie, only those who have made a “tie” bet will get paid and depending on the casino the odds will vary from 8:1 to 9:1.
  • Normally the slight edge always goes to the “dealers” hand, but in any casino where a “player” hand wins, the house takes a small rake (percentage).

What is the Difference Between Online Baccarat, and Playing at a Land Based Casino?
Though many of the rules in Baccarat are the same in both types of casino’s, the main difference between the two, is that in a land based game, you may find 3 “player” hands for every “dealer” hand, where you can bet on one or all of them, yet normally in an online game, you are playing against the computer, everything is automatic, and there is only 1 “player” hand.
In the game of Baccarat, there are generally eight decks of cards that are used, and these are called a shoe, or pile. Whether it is an online or land based game, 8 decks generally dictate the odds in Baccarat, with the exception that in an online game the decks are re-shuffled every hand.

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Strategies for Online Baccarat

Like most games found in the casino, Baccarat is based purely on luck, but there are a few tips that once learned, may help you win more than you lose. Though these examples of odds and such, may seem a little complex at first, in time, with practice, you will understand this information better.

The house (casino) edge makes a difference in the types of wagers you make. For example, when you bet on a “player” your odds are 1:1 which gives the casino an edge of 1.34%

When you bet on the “dealer” (banker), your odds of winning are better, but you must pay a 5% brokerage fee back to the casino. For example, if you pull a win of $100, you have to pay $5 to the house, leaving you with a $95 profit. The house edge on this bet is 1.17% and many people prefer betting on the “dealer” as they feel it is a better wager.

All of your “brokerage” payouts are kept close track of in a special box with your table number marked, as this totally ensures the game is fair. As mentioned earlier, a tie is a bit of a harder bet to hit, as the house edge is 14.1%, but it offers a better payout of 8:1, and if you are feeling lucky, place your bet and hope for the best!

Aside from the “tie” bets in Baccarat, the house edge is relatively low compared to many other casino games. Another plus in Baccarat, is that unlike games like poker and blackjack, you don’t have to make decisions about the drawing of your cards, so you really don’t need as much experience to play. With the game of Baccarat, you really just need to understand the basics of the game, the betting procedures, and have a bit of lady luck on your side when picking who is going to win each hand.

In online Baccarat normally the rules are printed on the table so even if you are a beginner playing for the first time, you will have the same chances as a seasoned player. If you play smart and have a bit of luck you should be able to walk away from the table a few dollars richer. Remember the more you bet the more you can win, but it works both ways and you could risk losing more as well.

Just like any casino game the only way to learn Baccarat is by playing it. Nowadays, many online casinos offer their members an opportunity to play for free. This gives you a chance to increase your skill, become familiar with all the rules and strategies and have a head start before you decide to play for real money.

Here is a bit of a recap of what Baccarat is all about.
* A card is dealt face up on the table to indicate the amount of cards the dealer burns.
* Remember in Baccarat that when you bet on the “dealers” hand (or bank) and win, you must pay the house a commission. The reason for this being, that the odds favor that bet at 1.06%.
* All cards from 2 through 9 are worth their face value, all face cards, including 10s, are worth 0, and aces are worth 1.
Baccarat can be a fun and exciting game to play and whether you choose to do so on land or online there are many excellent casinos to choose from.

Good Luck!

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